Late penalty salvages York draw in women’s hockey 2nds


In the Women’s 2nd Hockey, Lancaster played a very strong game, dominating play for most of the game and scoring in the first half. This seemed to make York panic as they moved to a more offensive but less coordinated style of play. The fatal mistake which Lancaster made in this game was to award York so many short corners. Although York struggled to use these to their own advantage, they were always in the game with the goal margin, only needing to score once to avoid losing the match. Unfortunately for Lancaster, York did manage to equalise in the final few minutes of the game. The desperation from Lancaster to take the lead was visible with aggressive but panicked style of play beginning to emerge.

York seeming happy to settle for a draw, and maintained a defensive style of play, and this led to Lancaster finishing disappointed , as despite having more possession and a much stronger attack than York, they were unable to get the win. York also finished frustrated, as they had plenty of chances through the short corners, however failed to use them to their advantage due to the strength of Lancaster’s defence.

An end result of 1-1 was very frustrating for both sides, and could easily have been more.

Lancaster’s Lucy Gonnella told SCAN that they “were happy with their performance, but remarked that if Lancaster had extra time they could have brought it back.” It was apparent on the pitch that it was the timing of the York penalty that cost them the win.

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