Week in the Life: Organisational Behaviour and Marketing


My name is Aimee, I’m 19 years old and in my second year at Lancaster University studying Organisational Behaviour (basically Human Resources) and Marketing. A fun fact about me, which makes my university life slightly different to most other students, is that I have lived in Lancaster/Morecambe for most of my life! Even though I would still live close to my parents, I wanted to get the most out of my university life so moved to campus for my first year and into my own house with my friends for my second.

Monday, 27 November

The tragedy on Monday was that I had a group meeting at 11.00am, meaning my oh-so-precious lie in was to be cut short. As my 9.30am alarm blared in my eardrums I seemed to turn it off in my dazed state, thinking only about my noon lecture. After a good 20 minutes of dozing, it hit me that my group meeting was at 11.00am and I was definitely going to be late. What a great start to the week.

My noon lecture for Organisational Behaviour was the next call of duty for the day: about leadership theories. The two hours passed quickly due to the copious amount of notes I took. I had a four-hour gap until my next group meeting at 6pm so I decided to go home and be “productive” but ended up watching Netflix in bed.

The group meeting went well, soon after, and was fairly productive, allowing me to be home for 8pm. I got a cheeky takeaway to celebrate the fact that Monday was over. After a chilled night of completing a bit of group work and catching up on my Animal Crossing account, the night was over.

Tuesday, 28 November

Tuesday morning is usually a lazy one with my first lecture at 1pm, but an added Digital Marketing seminar at 10am ruined my usual Tuesday vibe. This was also no ordinary seminar as it was preparation for one of my many different presentations due in the upcoming weeks. The practice presentation went as well as expected and although improvements needed to be made we felt it was possible to complete them in time for the real thing.

I then had a two-hour gap before my next lecture so decided to meet my Dad for a quick lunch in Wetherspoons in his break from work. After a lovely catch up I returned to the University for my Human Resource Management lecture which mainly involved watching an episode of Black Mirror and analysing it. It was an easy-to-sit-through lecture that interested me a lot even though I had already seen the episode of Black Mirror previously.

When I retired home, I hoped to make a start on my Organisational Behaviour essay due on the last Friday of term but got distracted by a large group call between my high school friends. We ended up staying up until pretty late, catching up and talking about our different university experiences. I fell asleep to the latest H3 Podcast with Post Malone playing on my phone.

Wednesday, 29 November

Wednesday morning was an awful one as I spent the morning nursing my poorly stomach. I managed to make it into the University in time for my Marketing Research group meeting, and we finally finished our report which ended up being a whopping 54 pages long.

After the group meeting concluded I headed off to my first Organisational Work Technology seminar of the week. The seminar was about understanding the hidden meanings in a reading that we had been set for homework in the previous weeks. This was in preparation for an upcoming essay due the week we get back from Christmas. I definitely haven’t started that yet.

After the seminar, I headed off to yet another group meeting in preparation for our upcoming presentation on Monday. We spent about three hours going over a short report and finalising it and then called it a night. I then headed off to my boyfriend’s for the night, in Morecambe, and chilled out: excited for my day off tomorrow.

Thursday, 30 November

This was my day off and I wanted to have a seriously lazy day. I stayed at my boyfriend’s house as it was his only day off for the week, too. He works nights and so since we are on completely different sleeping schedules we have to take whatever time we can get together. We watched movies and did our own separate things whilst in the comfort of each other’s company. We also got a cheeky takeaway to share.

Friday, 1 December

Friday is the worst day of the week for me. This Friday was particularly bad as I realised I would be in Uni from 9am to 8pm without a single break.

The day started off with three hours of Marketing. The first hour covered Digital Marketing and the second and third Marketing Research. After these lectures were over I headed over to my Marketing Research meeting in order to prepare yet another Marketing presentation. We managed to be very productive and created a solid presentation using data from the report in just under an hour!

After this, I headed over to my final Marketing lecture of the day. This was the second-half of the Digital Marketing lecture, covering Big Data and what this means for companies. Once this lecture finished, I was again rushed off my feet, this time by a meeting with the Careers department to help me finalise my cover-letter which I am planning to send along with my first application for a placement job.

Once all this was finalised, I ran up to LICA for my final seminar of the week which was another OWT seminar looking at Tolstoy. This seminar ended up being pretty cosy with only four of us turning up! This allowed us to fit in some one-on-one talks with our seminar tutor which was super helpful as we have an upcoming essay.

The day would have been over there and then, but another group meeting was scheduled for 5pm right as my seminar finished. I quickly nipped into Subway to grab a bite to eat and took my sandwich along with me to the meeting. We spent three hours finalising the presentation and then it was home-time!

I decided to make a visit to my parents which may or may not have been influenced by the fact it was going on to 9pm and the idea of cooking when I got home literally repulsed me. So, I headed home for the night and fit in some nice family bonding time which was a great way to end a stressful day.

Saturday, 2 December

For the most part, this Saturday was much like Thursday because during the day I sat with my parents watching films and doing some work. At around 6pm I went back to my house in Lancaster and decided what I really needed was a good night out, and managed to grab my two besties for a night round town. The night was hectic with us going back and forth between Hustle, Sugarhouse and Dalton Rooms, but it was good nevertheless!

Sunday, 3 December

Sunday started off tragically with a hangover from hell, but after chilling with my friend in the morning I was eventually up and ready to be at the University for my Digital Marketing group meeting. This lasted two hours and then at 6pm I met my OWT Environmental group, for a final time, to run through our 45-minute presentation before Monday.

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