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Ahead of their upcoming show, we caught up with LUDanS this week, speaking to Vicky Meadows (President), Isi Turner (Publicity Officer) and Caitlin Whitmore (Show Coordinator).

So the 10th Annual Show for LUdanS, how does it feel to have come this far?

“It’s amazing! To be the most extensive dance society on campus and to reach ten years of shows is such a great accomplishment – we’re all so proud. We’ve also grown so close, that now we’re like a family, existing members and alumni alike.”

What have been some of the highlights over the past decade?

“We’ve unquestionably had ten fantastic shows, but we’re hoping that this one will be our best one yet! We’ve also consistently done well at competitions, where we’ve never come back empty handed! Last week we did exceedingly well at Newcastle Dance Competition, bringing back five trophies including first place for our intermediate ballet team. It’s always so great to see our hard work rewarded.”

What made you want to get involved in LUdanS?

Isi: “Many of us have danced since we were little and for me, I didn’t even consider the university if it didn’t have a good dance society! Right from the start, the society seemed like so much fun, and it certainly didn’t disappoint!”

Caitlin: “I had only danced a little bit before joining LUDanS, from the age of about 14, but it was a no-brainer joining this society! We have a lot of fun; everyone is so welcoming and inclusive – I’m happy that I joined.”

Vicky: “Having a society to get involved with outside of my studies was always crucial to me when coming to university. As like many others, I’d danced before coming here so this was the perfect opportunity to continue this passion, develop my own skills, and meet like-minded people. Definitely, the best decisions I’ve made when coming to Lancaster!”

What have we got to look forward to in the upcoming showcase?

“This year’s showcase is a celebration of LUDanS so you can expect loads of different styles, from ballet to street and from tap to Latin jazz, as well as our award-winning competition routines. Our aim with this show was just to have as much fun as possible and to showcase all of our dancers’ talent!”

Are you ready for the showcase? 

“Although we’ve had many extra rehearsals and late nights, I think we’re ready- Just a few finishing touches to go. Only two weeks until the show!”

What can we hope to see from LUdanS in the future?

“We’re competing at Sheffield Competition and Roses soon so hopefully, a few more trophies may be seen! There will be many more years of LUDanS shows to come in the coming years. But LUDanS is only looking up in the future – for even more creativity, inclusivity and fun.”

What would you say to anyone who is unsure about coming to see the show?

“Come along and see what all our hard work has gone towards! There are so many different styles and types of dances that you’re bound to like something and may even discover your love for something new! You’re definitely in for a great show, whether or not you’ve watched or been involved with any dance before.”

And most importantly, where can we get our tickets from?

“Tickets can be reserved via email at, or you can like our Facebook page to find out when we are selling them on campus over the coming weeks. Tickets are £5 for concessions, including students, and £6 for adults. Hope to see you there!”

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