TT (Theresa from Warpaint) on her new album LoveLaws

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LoveLaws is out now! How does it feel to finally have it out there?

It feels absolutely amazing, it’s been such a long process, I can’t believe the day has finally come! I’m kind of in shock. I feel so relieved, like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders… which might not be the best way of explaining it, because it wasn’t a burden, but in a way it can be this big responsibility to make something, finish it and put it out. Especially since I’m also involved in loads of other projects, like Warpaint, and I have a kid.

I know you’ve had a busy few weeks anyway, because Warpaint have just been on tour in Asia with Harry Styles! How was that?

It was so much fun, it was one of the best tours we’ve been on. Supporting Depeche Mode was amazing and our headline tours are always great, but this was something special. Harry, his whole crew and everyone around him are really nice, down-to-earth people and I don’t think we expected that necessarily… It was also fun playing to a bunch of young girls every night and just thinking that we might be inspiring some of them.

When and how did you realise that you wanted to make a solo record? Was it during touring the last album with Warpaint or after?

I started working on this album in 2010 and over the years, people have asked me “How’s that solo album coming along, huh?” and I think a lot of people lost faith that it would actually happen! [laughs]. Life just got in the way, I suppose.

What did you want to do differently with your solo project compared to Warpaint? Did you go into it wanting do something more electronic?

I’ve always been making beats, it’s something I’ve loved doing for a while and some electronic music has inspired me even more than guitar music. It can be quite emotional. I love trip-hop, Björk, things like that. I guess one thing I did that was a little different is that I had a concept this time, with LoveLaws as the title and going into particular themes lyrically. I think the music reflects that feeling, because it’s quite down-tempo and takes its time, it’s kinda sexy, so that shows the sentiment of love and romance. With Warpaint, we’ve never approached an album with a concept in mind, we tend to push forward with whatever we land on. Being able to play everything on this record was super fun, I really looked forward to any recording sessions because I felt like I could explore any avenue that I wanted to and I didn’t have to worry about anybody else’s thoughts.

On the last Warpaint record Heads Up, you worked individually at first and then brought your ideas together to make the record. Would you say that you’re quite used to that way of working now?

I’ve been one of the biggest advocates of that process because I’ve been making music on my own since 2010, so I’ve been wanting to go more and more in that direction. And all of us in the band have gotten to that point as well. But I don’t think Warpaint will stay in that method forever, I think eventually we’ll go back to jamming and writing together in one room, even though that can be a much longer process. We’ve been coming from so many different angles that our records end up a bit like a patchwork quilt. We can try anything and it all has the flavour of Warpaint.

Is there a track on the album that you’re most proud of?

I think ‘Too Sweet’ is one of my favourites, I absolutely love the way that the drums are recorded and how it flows. It has these chopped up live drums that feel so in time but also out of time. There’s something about that one that really gets me.

‘Take One’ is my favourite track – how did that song come about?

I made the initial beat and then I was messing around with the guitar pedal and recording it to the beat. I found some chords to jump you into the chorus, and I thought it was a tone I’d not really used before, so I was really into that. When we took it into the studio, I added the bass line and developed the melody.

I love the video for ‘I’ve Been Fine’ as well. It looked fun to shoot because you played two different characters, what was it like?

It was a little bit stressful because I was also co-directing it, like helping to organise the extras, making sure everyone’s happy, trying to find the right shots and then I’d run over and go back to my spot at the bar and act! [laughs] I wanna do more stuff like that, but it’s just difficult when you’re on tour.

You’re supporting Nick Mulvey on his UK tour at the moment – how did that come about? Are you friends with him?

It happened through our label, it was nice timing because of being here anyway during the album release and setting up my own solo show in London around a similar time. It’s been nice, yesterday was my first show ever as TT and it was so nerve-wracking, I felt like I’d gone back to the beginning again, I had no idea of what to expect. It feels really exhilarating but also scary. Tonight we’re at the Albert Hall in Manchester, I love this venue, it’s one of my all-time favourites.

You’re playing at Primavera with Warpaint, so can we expect new material from the band sometime soon?

No, not at the moment, this will be our last little tour together and then we’re gonna start writing again in summer. We’ve been thinking about throwing some songs into our set that we don’t really play anymore though, like ‘I’ll Start Believing’ and ‘Drive’.

Finally, is there any music you’re loving at the moment?

There’s this guy out of Oakland called Dick Stusso, he’s my friend’s cousin and my friend asked me if I wanted to go to his show. I agreed to go and I wasn’t super excited or anything, but it was amazing and I was way more into it than I thought I would be.


LoveLaws is out now!

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