Sugar says ‘so long’ to Saturdays

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Popular Lancaster University Students’ Union nightclub The Sugarhouse has made the decision to end its ‘Extra’ events on Saturday nights. The venue instead plans to work with promoters and external companies to bring a series of ‘one-off’ events to Lancaster, which will be open to the general public.

The Sugarhouse have claimed that their Wednesday and Friday events are much more popular than Saturdays, which have noticed a ‘steady decline’ in visitor numbers in recent months. They have also stated that the decision will bring a wider variety of entertainment to Lancaster for students and locals, which will also include daytime and non-alcohol led events. The Sugarhouse has been open since 1982 and has been a firm favourite for students in the years since.

A poll conducted on Facebook asked participants if they believed that Sugar should stay open on a Saturday, with an overwhelming 443 votes for no, and a mere 113 votes for yes. One voter stated that the Saturday events being cancelled, ‘can only be a good thing if it saves them money in the long run,’ as there would be ’No point in forcing them to stay open if Saturdays are making a loss.’

SCAN spoke to several students to ask their opinion on the matter. One said that she has never been to Sugar on a Saturday because of her weekend part-time job, and noted that this could be the case for many students. She stated, ‘I tend to go for a night out on a Wednesday because I work weekends, midweek student night is much more practical for me and I can imagine it’s the same for others too.’ Another, however, suggested that it was ‘good to have the option’ to go to Sugar on a Saturday, as, even though attendance numbers have been dropping, it is still an enjoyable and safe night out. They said, ‘I liked Sugar being open on a Saturday because it’s definitely the best place for a night out in Lancaster, especially for students. I loved going to Sugar on a Saturday as I feel much more comfortable knowing that everyone around me is also a student and of a similar age to me.’

SCAN contacted the Sugarhouse for a statement, and a representative for the venue said, ‘The union has taken the decision not to open the Sugarhouse on Saturday nights in Terms 2 and 3 this year. Changing habits of our students mean that while our Wednesday nights are becoming more popular, there has been a steady decline in visitor levels on Saturday nights. That’s why we’ll be focusing on continuing to run amazing student nights on Wednesday and Friday each week, but also on delivering a series of one-off events on Saturdays, working alongside external promoters and the wider community.’

‘We’ll also be looking at ways to use the space more during the day time for alcohol-free events. We’re really excited about this opportunity to expand and elevate the range of entertainment on offer in the city – there’ll be announcements about our first special events coming soon.’

Olivia Kenny

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