The Option

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this year of uni showed me
that i am definitely introverted

i like to say
an introvert with a very large battery
i can keep going for a few days being busy
but when i’m finally done i


a cop-out answer to some, perhaps
but it makes the most sense to me
it feels like the one that fits my experience
and isn’t that all that matters really

amongst this revelation however
is the realisation that despite it
despite being that large-batteried introvert
i still like to have the option

like being invited to parties
i know that you and i both know
i’m probably not coming
but it’s nice to be asked
to have the chance to say thank you
for the invite
but no thanks
you know?

right now no one has the option
and i pray for the extroverts
i really do
you guys have it tough
i’m sending all my love

but for those introverts who feel me
who also want the option back
even if they just want to be able to say
no thanks
have faith

we will get the option again
and when we do
maybe for the first party we might say yes
only to stand in the corner with our one friend
sipping cheap drinks and zoning out to the music

but then
the wave of awkward ‘no, but thank you
for asking, maybe next time’
will return

and it will be glorious.

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