Our Favourite Outfits from Emily in Paris


So, if you haven’t heard already, there is a new show on Netflix called Emily in Paris

I went in having heard the social media cries of “cliché” and “abhorrent” and even “borderline hellish” – and, I’m not going to lie, the first episode in, I was kind of agreeing with the Twitter storm. 

But then, I got a bit deeper into a bottle of wine (and a cheeky bit of romantic loneliness) and, as the night wore on, suddenly I’m living vicariously through Emily’s tragically American character and hanging out with all the lovely eligible men de Paris. I don’t know how this show does it (I do and I think it’s the French accents plus the fact that everyone is Hollywood Hot) but I just got so pulled into Emily in Paris that, when the last episode finally rolled credits, I checked the time and it was 2AM. 

I could write a very long article about the loveliness of each character or the weird gently racist vibes the show has or the fact that Gabriel, our dreamy leading man, has the sexiest voice I think I have ever heard – but on the topic of fashion weeks, I thought I’d live vicariously through the show’s bizarrely riveting outfit choices instead.

  1. Emily’s yellow cami and maxi skirt

This is undoubtedly my favourite outfit in the show. It’s elegant in a way that is still Parisian city casual. The thick black belt pulls the ensemble together like a maxi dress, adding that bit of bold edge to better fit the Parisian fashion, which is honestly the best stylistic decision of the wardrobe department because now I can’t imagine that printed silk camisole with anything else. 

And yellow is a bold enough colour to show off some of Emily’s sparky personality!

2. Emily’s structured white dress (and its disaster)

This mini dress was designed by the fictional Pierre Cadeau (and the very real Stephane Rollande), featuring one shoulder and huge rumples that add to that gorgeous lily effect. True French haute couture.

In the show, two Avant-Garde stylists stage a publicity stunt and fire paint at the dress – and somehow I still love it, if not more. It’s brass and ridiculous (and makes the fictional Cadeau cry) but I adore the urban/couture clash.

3. Camille’s sheer polka dots and Burberry

Camille’s character is the American envy of French fashion. The wardrobe took inspiration from model Caroline de Maigret who often pairs a blocky square-shouldered jacket with something lighter and feminine underneath. 

In this scene though, we see Camille in a stunning contrast of sheer polka dots under a beige plaid dress that brings out her blonde hair to make the perfect beginnings-of-Autumn aesthetic.

4. Emily and Gabriel at the launch party

Brooklyn, the American movie star guesting a Parisian launch party, says it best when she stage-whispers, “the hottest guy at the party is walking over here.”

Gabriel’s casual shirt and blazer ensemble is effortlessly dapper and, in a quirk of cinematography, matches the same tone Emily wears with her casual red mesh-top skater dress. Both are flawless and her handbag even matches the colour of his jacket! (Sex and the City stylist, Patricia Fields, is back at it with subtle wardrobe nods to plot.)

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