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Since the O.G. lockdown this time last year, I have had an even more unhealthy relationship with Instagram than before. Instagram is by far my most used app, so I’m going to share a few of my favourite influencers and content creators with you.

For those of you who have recently watched ‘Married at First Sight Australia’ season 6, you may be familiar with Martha and Michael. Martha Kalifatidis is stylish, sarcastic and vibrant with a cool and colorful feed. Her posts make me really want to go to Bondi in Australia, even more so after watching the 3-year-old show. Her outfits are iconic, introducing me to new designer brands I never knew I needed. Dion Lee, Nanushka and Ganni. This Prada queen gives me powerful women energy, helping me stay positive about anything related to body, beauty and skincare; a little escape from Covid-lockdown UK to sunny Australia. 

Sophia and Cinzia are my next pick. Their cool and trendy content relaxes the mind, looking like all the Pinterest boards I have created. Their Instagram content again has introduced me to new brands particularly, @JeanVintage, a luxury vintage sourcing company where I purchased a Christian Dior Blazer for a great price. I don’t usually love YouTube-based influencers however, the videos these girls create are so real and interesting particularly their Amalfi Coast Vlog from last Summer 2020. The girls also have their own podcast and clothing line, ‘The Girls Bathroom’. I would recommend watching a few of their videos. You will fall in love with this duo! 

If you’re a fashion lover like me then your Instagram feed probably consists solely of brands, models and runway pages. One of my faves to add is supermodel Adut Akech. Her page speaks for itself! It’s flawless, iconic and her beauty and style make her an influencer everyone must follow! She has been seen on literally every runway, in Vogue and is one of the top ten highest paid models. 

I can’t share a list of top influencers without mentioning Miss Molly-Mae Hague. If I’m honest, I have only very recently started following her on social media. This is because, in general I dislike Love Island or UK reality TV stars content apart from the odd few from the Made in Chelsea cast such as Melissa Tattam or Sophie Habboo. I personally think their content is a bit over the top and fake, however Molly-Mae produces ‘real’ content. With all the hate and stigma surrounding her, she is open, honest and a businesswoman. Someone to look up to for many young teenagers in particular.

On a side note, it is important to follow influencers who give you a positive attitude and outlook on the world. Social Media is fake, and I think this is important to disclose, because young people look up to these top influencers thinking that life promoted through edited and photoshopped pictures are real life, but this is not the case. My top picks I hope show a little bit of reality and I highly recommend giving them a follow.

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