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A Fresher’s Guide To: University Sport


Welcome to Lancaster! Like most of the 1500 students that already participate in university sport, I’m sure one your top priorities will be to get involved in a sports society. Lancaster offers a wide range of sports at a variety of levels so there will definitely be something for you! Here’s all you need to know about university sport:

University sport is split up into BUCS and College. BUCS is the big inter-uni league that each club’s top athletes compete in, whilst college sport caters for all levels of experience. As a second year myself, my experience of university has been limited so here are some of Lancaster University Sport’s best advocates and beneficiaries.

ROSES, as summarised by Grace Spong, President of Lancaster University Swimming and Water Polo Club (LUSWP):

Roses 2019, hosted by York, was a brilliant experience that united teams across both universities. It was inspiring to witness the culmination of a year’s hard work and commitment regardless of the sport or event, particularly when fuelled by the sheer passion and pride displayed by the supporters. Swimming and Water Polo events took place across one single day, which ended with three out of four of our Lancaster teams victorious (and the fourth one, women’s swimming, very close behind the strong competition of the esteemed white roses!).

The support received from fellow team members, students, families and friends was a great source of encouragement upon which every swimmer and polo player drew. Winning our events meant everything to LUSWP and hugely strengthened our team morale, instilling great confidence in us. Even after an unexpected break, we know that, moving forward to Roses 2022 as well as all our other BUCS events, we have the ability to achieve our team goals and contribute to the sporting success of Lancaster University.

Roses Varsity as a whole is the pinnacle of the sporting calendar for every club in Lancaster.

Having a key focus for teams to work towards is so important and provides a unique competitive experience that is unrivalled at any other institution. LUSWP, like every one of Lancaster’s amazing sports teams, is so excited for next year’s Roses to finally be able to prove once again that Roses are Red.

To find out more about LUSWP, visit their Instagram @luswp, where you can find out the various times for trials and events.

BUCS, as summarised by Freddie Palmer-Jones, chairman of Lancaster University Rugby Union Football Club (LURUFC):

The BUCS competition is a league system where each team plays each other at home and away over the first two terms. There is also a cup competition that runs between groups of the BUCS leagues. The success of the Rugby team outside of Roses is therefore solely based on our performance in BUCS.

In the last year, our 1st XV had the honour of being promoted, unbeaten, to the tier 1 – Northern 1A league as well as winning the cup. Personally, this ranks the highest in any experience I’ve had in rugby.

BUCS offers us the opportunity to work towards a goal with our closest mates and without it I feel that my university experience would be far less rewarding. I believe societies outside of the BUCS leagues, who only compete within the university, miss out on an opportunity to push themselves fully within their sport.

To find out more about LURUFC, visit their Instagram @Lancasterunirufc for events. The Women’s Rugby team’s Instagram is @luwrufc

COLLEGE SPORTS, as summarised by LUSU VP Sports, Paul McCarthy:

“I’m Paul McCarthy, the LUSU VP Sport, my background is playing college sport for Lonsdale and cricket for the uni team. If I could recommend anything it would be join as many things as possible (we’ve just come top of the country for uni sport and societies options) and meet all the different communities at Lancaster!

Currently in college sport there is football, netball, men’s rugby and bar sports (darts, pool and dominoes). Anyone is welcome to join, football and netball has a range of teams from A-D, so people of any standard can get involved. It’s an amazing way to play both competitive and casual sport as well as joining great communities with a vibrant social life”

Paul Mccarthy – vp sport
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