The Sugarhouse, Lancaster
Sugarhouse Stands in Solidarity with ‘Girls Night In’


The Sugarhouse will close next Wednesday night in solidarity with the “Girls Night In” boycott over drink spiking in nightclubs across the country.

In a statement released to SCAN by Lancaster Students’ Union, it has been stated that The Sugarhouse stands in solidarity with ‘Girls Night In’ expressing that, “The Sugarhouse has always made the welfare of its customers its highest priority” and so, “fully support the aims of their campaign to highlight this topic and their calls for action.”

The Sugarhouse will therefore be closed on October 27th and will reopen as usual on Friday October 29th.

“Instead of opening, we will be running a training session for bar staff and security staff reinforcing the safety elements we have in place, and how to deal with any suspected cases of spiking.”


Like ‘Girls Night In’, The Sugarhouse believe, “all students have the right to feel safe on a night out.” The Sugarhouse already have a range of measures in place to counter spiking and to look after all it’s customers’ welfare. The Sugarhouse will be continuing to work hard to ensure that spiking cases remain low as it continues it’s award winning services as one of the safest places to enjoy a night out in Lancaster.

“We know that students may be disappointed to miss out on Wednesday night. But we are sure they share our concern over the issue of male violence and illegal acts like drink spiking or spiking by injection.”


The Sugarhouse would like to remind everyone that “The Sugarhouse has a zero tolerance policy on this.” Anyone caught spiking, or in possession during random searches will be reported to the police, and to the University, as well as being banned for life from The Sugarhouse venue.

“We hope next week’s national boycott will get the message out and we look forward to welcoming everyone back for a safe night out afterwards.” 

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