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I hope you’re all safe and well in these difficult times.

I have made the decision to suspend print issues of SCAN for the foreseeable future, both due to the lockdown and the hygiene of physical copies.

However, now more than ever, it’s vital that we continue our purpose of serving the student community, of informing and entertaining our readers and providing opportunities for journalism. Therefore, we are asking for your help to produce a special edition of SCAN for this lockdown period.

Over the next few weeks, we’re producing a half issue focusing on coronavirus and self-isolation. We want it to be an issue filled with fun ideas, useful suggestions, tips and tricks to help us get through this together. So, on top of our standard sections, we’ve added Creative Writing and Puzzles to the mix.

Therefore, I am asking Lancaster University students, past and present, to get involved and help make this happen. The deadline for article submissions is 2nd April. If you have ideas for articles, or just want to know more, please reach out to the following:

News: Ezra James West,
Comment: Tamara Krivski,
Creative Writing: Lara Orriss,
Arts and Culture: Erin Wilson,
Music: Taylor Donoughue-Smith,
Screen: Lauren Hurst,
Fashion and Beauty: Lauren Banks,
Lifestyle: Kimberley Duffell,
Photography & Puzzles: Ruth Walbank,
Sport: Sam Stewart & Matthew Ferriday,

Thank you for your patience over the last few weeks while we organised this. I look forwards to hearing from you, and I can’t wait to see the content we produce!

All the best,

Ruth (Editor)

Ruth-Anne Walbank

My name is Ruth, and I'm the Editor of SCAN for 2019-20. I have been the Arts and Culture Editor in 2018-19, and the Deputy Arts and Culture Editor before that. I've written over 80 articles for SCAN across a variety of sections.
If you have any questions about the newspaper, feel free to message me!

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