Hockey brings some relief


On a day when most of Lancaster’s other teams should be hanging their heads in shame, the hockey team will at least be able to hold their’s high. They picked up 8 out of a possible 12 points for Lancaster, winning Women’s 2nds and Men’s 1sts and drawing the Women’s 1sts game.

The Men’s 1sts picked up the lions’ share, making up for the 2nds loss earlier in the day. They beat York 1-2, with an early goal coming from Konstantine Kleine. Ollie Hill added to Lancaster’s tally at around the 60 minute mark, and although York did pull one back, it was too late in the game to truly matter. The fast paced game saw Tom Green yellow carded. His time in the sin bin didn’t seem to do much to dampen the spirits of his team mates.  

The Women’s 1sts also saw a yellow card. Lancaster’s Emma Collenette did her time in the bin during the second half. Farn O’Neill was flashed a green warning half way through the first. O’Neill may have been better throwing caution to the wind afterwards. Her first half play was fast and pacey, in a game which was over wise quite languid, and she had some of the best opportunities to break the deadlock which eventually lasted to the final whistle.

Nicola Henderson broke the deadlock in the first match of the day, the Women’s 2nds. She scored close to the final whistle, meaning that Lancaster walked away from “the best game of our season” with a 0-1 victory and two more points for university’s overall score.

Lancaster’s Men’s 2nds didn’t fare quite so well. Their match finished 2-1 to York. Further reports on all the matches will be in next week’s SCAN.


Final scores:

Men’s 1sts: 1-2

Women’s 1sts: 0-0

Men’s 2nds: 2-1

Women’s 2nds: 0-1

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  1. Men’s 3rds won 6 – 4! Best match of Roses!!

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