York edge out Lancaster in boating battle


A close-fought series of races saw York take the lion’s share of the points in Roses rowing, winning 12 points to Lancaster’s 8.

York got off to a flying start, first edging out Lancaster in the women’s novice fours by the narrowest of margins before achieving a more decisive victory in the men’s novice fours, each worth two points. Some confusion over the exact location of the finishing line almost left York with egg on their faces, with their team relaxing some two lengths before the actual finish and allowing Lancaster to save some face in their defeat.

York continued their winning ways with an exceedingly comfortable victory in the women’s freshers fours, but with no points on offer Lancaster’s deficit remained at a perfectly surmountable four points.

Lancaster seized their chance in the next race, the women’s senior fours, winning comfortably to grab the four points and draw level with York. York immediately hit back and took the men’s freshers fours, but the scores remained at four apiece with twelve to play for.

It was York that drew away first, their pace proving too much for Lancaster in the men’s senior fours to win four points. They followed up with victories in the men’s and women’s novice eights to give themselves a justified 8-4 lead, leaving Lancaster needing to take all the remaining points if they were to win.

Lancaster rose admirably to York’s challenge, however, and delivered a strong performance to take the women’s senior eights and its four points. The scores, then, were level leading into the final race of the weekend with Lancaster having every chance of victory.

It was not to be, though. York’s men’s senior eights team had too much for Lancaster, and powered down the final stretch to take the four points and leave the final score at 12-8. Lancaster had fought bravely, though, and their eight points were a signifcant contribution to Lancaster’s total haul.

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