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Let’s be realistic. A student bedroom is never going to win prizes for its style. But it is essential to turn your first home away home into a smart space where you can excel in your academics as well as creating a social haven. Firstly, a few homely touches can help keep the homesickness bug at bay and secondly, a welcoming room could attract others to drop by for a cup of tea and a chat.

So you are finally able to set eyes on your new humble abode only to realise that the room that was showcased to you on the open day was a lot newer and actually built in this century.  Shock horror – universities usually show off their biggest and best halls of residences on campus tours, keeping those more cramped blocks as a surprise for moving in day. So, if your new room resembles a prison cell don’t fret as with a few tricks and quick-fix solutions you can transform your room into your very own sanctuary.

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Halls of residences are very rarely blessed with space, so your bed often doubles up as a seating area. So opt for bed linen in darker shades as it will be less likely to show up dirty marks and stains. Also, bed throws are a brilliant way to keep your bedding cleaner for longer. By covering your bed with a throw and scattering a few cushions along the far side of the bed, you can instantly create a comfortable seating area for your friends to sit and relax on.

Most rooms come in a dull white colour, therefore it is up to you to inject colour into your surroundings. So why not head down to your nearest fabric shop for some brightly coloured material which can be clipped to the existing dreary curtains for an easy make-over. It is also believed that your choice of colour can have a profound effect on the mind which, consequently, can affect mood and motivation. So to boost creativity, use brighter colours to energise the brain and stimulate the mind.

Lighting creates an instant atmosphere and lamps are relatively inexpensive as well. Shops such as B&Q offer great value for money with a wide selection to suit all tastes.

It’s the little details that matter the most and that make you feel at home. A photo border is a great way spruce up your room with a montage of memories. Remember to use white tack when sticking the photos to your wall to avoid damages. Also, poster sales take place throughout the year on campus and offer a huge selection to choose from to cover your blank and boring walls and bring them to life.

Often your room at university will not only be a place for living but you will be working in the very same room. Smart storage devices will make a room seem infinitely larger and less cluttered. Make the most of the space under your bed with baskets or use door hooks to act as clothes pegs for all your outdoor clothing.  By having a variety of storage at hand it will ensure that once your studying is completed you can pack away your work so that your student life can go on.

Finally, make sure your comfort comes first, as this will be most conductive to achieving good grades and most importantly, getting a good night’s sleep.  Happy decorating.

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