Rejuvenation work forces bus stop move

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The University’s main bus stop has recently been relocated from its previous location near the Library to the Chaplaincy Centre as contractors move into the next stage of the Alexandra Square and Underpass rejuvenation project.

This has had numerous implications on University travel arrangements, with bus routes being altered and car parking and delivery arrangements around Bowland Avenue (near the Chaplaincy Centre) being rearranged.

A Facilities Department press release details changes to bus services which have been in place since the end of Week Seven. The main change is that all buses now stop at the new terminus outside the Chaplaincy Centre, with services three and four no longer serving stops at InfoLab21, Furness College and the North Drive. This is attributed in the press release to “timing pressures”.

Services three and four will continue to stop near the netball courts on South-West Drive on the way to South-West Campus, although they will first stop at the Chaplaincy Centre.

The statement advises that “users of the closed bus stops should use an alternative bus stop. Bus stops are now operational only at Bowland Avenue, the netball courts and the three bus stops on Alexandra Park.”

All other services, including the two, 2A and X1, now only stop at the Chaplaincy Centre. This also applies to the free Sainsbury’s bus provided on Wednesday afternoons, as well as National Express services to London and Whitehaven. Private nightclub buses will serve the Chaplaincy Centre and perimeter road bus stops. “There are at least 17 bus departures an hour from Bowland Avenue [from] Monday to Saturday [between] 07.30am and 6.30pm”, the press release states.

Visitor parking on Bowland Avenue has now been relocated to North-West Drive. This has had knock-on effects on staff parking in that area, although Facilities reassure drivers that “there is still ample staff parking on the main campus” although “it will inevitably increase staff parking pressure on North Campus.”

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