Anyone for a nip-tuck?


 Boob job, nose job, butt job. You name it and you could most certainly have some form of cosmetic surgery on it. The notion of getting plastic surgery is slowly becoming a regular occurrence within society today. Whether it’s someone having their lips plumped, getting a new nose or going for the frozen faced look with Botox, it is arguably turning humanity into Barbie dolls. Hopefully it’s not something that many of us have tried or are even thinking about, but once the wrinkles come thick and fast it is debateable as to how many of us would actually grow old gracefully and deny the enhancements the 21st century has given us.

It has started to become socially acceptable for people to go under the knife all in the name of beauty. Just looking at the celebrities who fill our magazines you would struggle to find anyone that hasn’t had anything done. What’s concerning is how much is too much to have done? Is it appropriate for young people to grow up dreaming of what they can change? I know I would have been sucked into it all, longing for the day my lips could be bigger and the crease on my forehead would go. That was until I watched the Channel 4 programme Beauty and The Beast. Not only was I stunned to see just how young these girls were and the numerous boob jobs they had already forked out thousands of pounds for, but more importantly, the confidence and contentment of all those featured with a visual disfigurement. We are a society that has become so obsessed with looks and yet the programme proves that beauty comes from within.

It’s easy to get caught up in the LA lifestyle and I will be the first to admit, if it’s good enough for the celebrities then it’s good enough for the regular Joe Blogs. Yet, there are so many horror stories of things going wrong and what’s more, can we really imagine a retirement home that is filled with frozen faces and ladies with boobs up to their chin? I know my Granny wouldn’t look right if she still looked 21 without a single line on her face. Yes, the thought of losing our youthful look is somewhat daunting, but think of world where we all looked the same with everyone’s nose sitting perfectly above a perfect set of teeth and next to prominent cheek bones; we would actually be walking, talking plastic.

If there is a part of you that you are longing to change then just think you wouldn’t really be you without it. Focus on the features you do like and accentuate them. If you don’t like your nose, then focus on your eyes or lips. Either way, you want to make the most of what you have and appreciate what you’ve got. After all, it’s the little lumps and bumps that make you an individual.

Just remember that they’re not called wrinkles, rather laughter lines and whenever they shall be gracing our faces, hopefully not within the next ten years, we need to embrace them. If all else fails and you are contemplating the Botox curse then try a bit of Poly-filler first. There are many anti-aging creams to choose from out there that won’t leave you constantly looking surprised.

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