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Vest Top £6, Trousers £40, Bag and Belt coming soon from ASOS.com
Vest Top £6, Trousers £40, Bag and Belt coming soon from ASOS.com

For the summer’s next hot trend, take inspiration from a Dulux paint chart.  Yes, it’s all about colour-blocking, so say au revoir to noir and let your best and brightest see the light of day again.  The greatest thing about this trend is how easy it is to create.  The building blocks are the basics of your wardrobe; plain, simple pieces that come to life in combination.

Brights are popular every summer, but this year’s take forgoes the standard neon’s for jewelled variations on colour.  Turquoise blue, topaz yellow, amethyst purple, put the entire rainbow of gems on your fashion palette; but don’t forget white.  White is a perpetual summer favourite, but is set off particularly well against the richness of the bijoux.

Usually, there’s a reliance on colour as a way to tie an outfit together, matching your shoes with your belt or bag or drawing a shade out for your make-up.  Yet, for the colour blocking trend, there is an emphasis on the singularity of the colours.  If you’ve ever been to a Rubix Cube party, you’ll know you’re expected to wear something of every colour then trade until you’re uniform; the pre-party look is what you’re aiming for here, but it’s not only the spectrum you wear that’s important, but the way you wear it.  Such bold, jewelled colours are perfect for clashing, so make sure you put your ensemble together for maximum effect.

T-Shirt Tunic Dress, £26 available in Ribena, Airforce, Fuschia and Goldfish Orange from New Look
T-Shirt Tunic Dress, £26 available in Ribena, Airforce, Fuschia and Goldfish Orange from New Look

The trend is so versatile that, by investing in a few key pieces, you can easily build a capsule wardrobe for your summer.   This t-shirt dress from New Look can flit between day and nightwear depending on what it’s teamed with and, available in the four different gem shades, you’ll find the colour suited best to your skin and hair tone.  A little investment in some coloured eye-shadow will also go a long way in finishing your look.  Handbags straddle the length of your outfit, so a little white number will keep you clashing effortlessly along every layer.

A statement shoe is advisable and nothing is more on trend than the block wedge to capture colour and the 70s revival.  Kurt Geiger’s spring/summer collection has an impressive offering on this front, but there are plenty of student friendly high street alternatives out there too.

Another way to style the colour-blocking trend is to take it tribal.  A more bohemian look, accessorising with gold and gemmed costume jewellery takes this trend to an entirely different continent.

Fashion Forecast in a Nutshell:

Beaten Stone Torq, £16.50 from Topshop
Beaten Stone Torq, £16.50 from Topshop

Be precious – Deep, rich jewels are this season’s killer colours.

Clash, don’t co-ordinate – Set your colours in bold contrast and don’t repeat the same one twice.

Painted lady – Your skin is a canvas for the best and brightest too, nails and eyes are the easiest ways to get colour into your outfit.

Add extras – attention to detail is everything when working with basic pieces.  Accessorise tidily in block colour too, or go boho with tribal gold and jewels.

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