Extrav: Voodoo Pendle

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Pendle Extrav has a strong reputation for being a sell-out event come June of every year, and this year is set to be no exception. Unlike previous years the 2011 theme offers much more scope for inventive fancy dress, as Black Magic offers a whole host of exciting and inventive possibilities when it comes to planning your outfit. Seeing Pendle ghetto transformed in to an even creepier venue than normal seems only fitting to balance out the pristine glamour of the new bar.

Pendle quad will undoubtedly be glowing with an eery aura throughout the night as witchdoctors and cannibals find themselves hustled together in an all night rave. As usual Pendle’s lineup did not disappoint, with one of the longer line ups of all the extravs there is sure to be something to your taste, and hopefully each band will be happy to get into the spirit of the evening and play fitting covers on the night.

It’s not possible to be short of ideas when it comes to fancy dress for this extrav. Take any idea for fancy dress that you’ve ever had and just add the prefix ‘evil’ to it. So evil-pig, evil-cavemen, evil-house or even evil-Marie Antoinette. There are of course the more traditional macabre ideas traditional associated with Black Magic, from voodoo dolls and alchemists to wicked witches and tribes. Just make sure to not get too carried away when it comes to making the most of Wednesday’s most spellbinding soirée in week 10 and end up engaging in drunken sorcery that you might regret come Thursday morning. Just be prepared for vodka enchantments and cider charms being thrown around that may leave you a little light headed and woozy.

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