Freshers’ Guide 2011


Nervous? Excited? Wondering how many pans you’ll need? Packing up and getting ready to start university can be an exciting but certainly daunting experience for many. For all the anxious freshers ready to start their first year at Lancaster, SCAN’s Fresher’s Guide 2011 hopes to make this process a little easier by providing new students with tips, advice and all the Lancaster knowledge and know-how they’ll need to get started living life as a university student.

Returning students please use the comments space to share your opinions and experiences but, most importantly, let the college battles commence…

The what-nots and need-to-knows

SCAN covers the basics of Freshers’ week, from the moving in, to the inevitable fresher’s flu.

Student checklist

A comprehensive list on what to bring along; everything barring the kitchen sink…

The nightlife

A complete run-down of each night in Lancaster, and where to spend your time and your student loan.

Get yourself cultured

SCAN looks at Lancaster’s cultural scene and how you can spend you time here…

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