New SCAN – Your thoughts


All returning UK students should receive a copy of SCAN through their letterbox in the coming week.

With a new size, design and printing schedule, we are very keen to hear your thoughts.

We will be choosing one comment at random and the contributor will win themselves a Sugar House card for the forthcoming year (or a refund if you have already purchased one).

To give feedback, simply click Comments below and add a new comment.

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  1. Now THAT is a newspaper I’d take to bed with me.

    I like my SCAN like I like my women – half-berliner formatted and with me inside it.

  2. The new format, font and size that have been adopted are all brilliant, making SCAN more easily accessible and readable while retaining its professionalism. The monthly publication of some articles in newspaper format, with more available online, will also benefit writers and contributors as a deeper and wider variation of article topics can be published by both means. Finally, mailing copies of the first issue of the ‘new look’ SCAN to returning students was a brilliant idea as it demonstrated how university issues, opinions and comments persist despite us being away from Lancaster for the Summer break.

  3. It definitely tastes better than the old SCAN, which was far too bitter for my liking. And since it comes in smaller portions, I can enjoy my yummy student newspaper AND watch my figure at the same time!

  4. Great new layout, Much .easier to pick up and read. a bit disappointing that its only once a month, only 3 issues a term. But at the same time lessens the pressure on someone like me who would love to write more for scan but cant justify the time spent away from ‘proper’ work, which includes necessary downtime.

    More disappointing is the absence of the puzzles, they were a fantastic way to get some winding down time away from a screen or just provided something to fill an hour gap between lectures. Hope they return for term time issues.

  5. I’m a big fan of the new half-berliner format, a much better size for carrying around and getting out to read wherever you might be. Also I like the new font that’s being used as well, much better looking and easier than the old one to read.

  6. @Mike – The puzzle page will be in all term-time editions.

    Thanks for all the feedback so far.

  7. Not enough Comic Sans. NOT impressed.

  8. I love the new size =) it definitely looks more appealing to read and it’s easier for us lazy students to carry around. The layout and new font is just right and again more appealing than the previous look. But where did the horoscopes go?!

  9. There is nothing about the new SCAN that I do not love.

  10. I’d love it if you worked on improving the substance, submissions and corrections of articles than pander to eye-candy news.

    But, I’ve got no power here, so really, as you were.

  11. Easier to pick up, harder to put down – love the new SCAN!
    Much more relevant stories and a nice design too.

  12. I love the new size and format. Some of the articles in the intro week edition are phenomenal!

    However, I am disappointed in the printing schedule. I’d prefer for it to stick to bi-weekly as I love reading the paper copy as opposed to reading individual articles online…

  13. All comments were given a number and put in to a random number generator. The winner was Matt Haslam. You will be contacted soon regarding your card!


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