Charity event sets out to prove we are ‘Still Human’

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On Saturday 12th of November, Lancaster University will play host to a cross-campus charity event called ‘Still Human’, which is aimed at raising awareness of the vast numbers of individuals – many of them students – suffering with mental health issues.

As the name implies, its aim is to demonstrate that mental health issues are not uncommon, with one in four people suffering from disorders, such as depression, and that sufferers are ‘still human’.  With this in mind, guests are encouraged to bring along three friends to make the poignancy of this statistic hit home.

The event is being run in support of the charity ‘Time to Change’, which sets out to put an end to mental health discrimination and educate the public about how common mental ill health is. It is crucial that sufferers be made aware that they are not alone and that there is nothing abnormal about their condition.

Still Human is being billed as a chance for Lancaster students to put aside college rivalries and unite at one of two venues across campus, with live music from college bands, as well as food, society showcases and crucially, an opportunity to chat to members of the Lancaster University Counselling Service. Students will have the opportunity to find out what help is on offer to them both at the university level and wider contexts.

Vice President (Events and Democracy), Olly Trumble, thinks that “it should be a fantastic event” particularly as “alot of hard work from a passionate group of students has gone into its creation” going on to say that “the aim of the event is to raise awareness of mental health issues and I think combining this with live music performances, food, comedy, and a vibrant event is a fantastic way to promote the cause!”

The two venues are Bowland and Lonsdale colleges, with college bands playing between 4pm and 11pm. ‘Still Human’ wristbands will be available for purchase on the day in order to receive special drinks offers at the college bars, with all proceeds going to support the ‘Time to Change’ charity.

Vice President (Equality, Welfare and Diversity), Matt Saint, said of the event, “The Still Human event is being organized in order to dispel some of the myths around mental ill health, to raise awareness of just how many people suffer from it and to raise money for charities that provide assistance to people with mental health issues, allowing them to live their lives without major disruption from their illness.”

Indicating the hope and positivity with which sufferers should anticipate their futures, Matt added, “With the right support, many mental health issues can be swiftly dealt with, allowing people to get on with their lives.”

The Facebook group can be found at!/event.php?eid=233870819999930

Advice on mental illness and the student counselling service can be found at

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