Don’t let your outfit do the talking


Unfortunately, first impressions really do count. As many students already know, dressing the part for an interview is essential as it can be a decider on whether you get the job/internship or not. Dressing the part doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to look frumpy. You can fashionable but still look interview appropriate.

For girls there are a number of important points to consider. Firstly you have to make sure that if you choose to wear a skirt that it’s not too short, or you may end up showing off far more than your skills! Also make sure that the skirt, should you choose to wear one, is not too tight. This goes for lads as well; trousers that are so tight they are shaping your man-hood are unacceptable.  Girls- channel Charlotte from Sex and the City who always looks soft, feminine and conservative without revealing too much or being overdone. When you go for  an interview you should, as the saying goes, ‘put your best foot forward’;  the interviewer will assume that what you are wearing to the interview is how you would dress for the office everyday.

If you dress too sexy and you get a female interviewer she might be offended and doubt your capabilities.  As with most things, it’s about finding the balance; you also shouldn’t be too power-dressed as it might appear cold and detached. Make sure that your outfit has some soft colours to warm up your look and make you stand out from the crowd.

A lot of girls are already aware before you go out you should get a second opinion from one of your friends, just to make sure that your clothes are giving the right impression of you. Its a good habit to have two or more outfit choices just in case you change your mind.

How you choose to wear your makeup on the day is also important- avoid excessively bright lips, too much eyeliner or mascara- think ‘au natural’ and sophisticated. If you choose to wear nail polish then make sure that its not too garish i.e. fuschia and if you wear jewellery, think minimal.

Lads, fortunately for you, your interview outfit doesn’t require too much thought- just preparation. A full suit and tie is more or less mandatory, with a sleek pair of polished dress shoes. Ensure your attire is pressed to perfection the day before, and that you don a fresh, creaseless shirt.

Lastly it is not a good idea to try something completely new on the day; your clothing should be an extension of yourself not  the other way round, so aim to be comfortable, fashionable and sophisticated.  Good luck and remember you are not dressed to thrill!

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