Careers fairs attract Management students


Lancaster University’s LUMS is a world ranked Management School, and is consistently ranked amongst the top five in the UK.  As global higher education is more competitive than ever, it is a very successful achievement that our Management School features so highly in the league tables.

Within the faculty, there are a large number of connections to some of the UK’s biggest businesses, throughout the different degree schemes that are on offer.  But just how beneficial are these connections, and how supported do LUMS students feel?

The Management School and Lancaster University in general, are always looking to increase their connections between students and businesses in terms of employability LUMS is one of the main ways, financially, that this is possible.  At the recent careers day, organised by CEEC in October 2011, there were a high number of companies that were specifically interested in recruiting students with a business degree.  Students who showed an interest in these companies were told that most would accept any degree discipline.  Some of these companies included Astrium, Expro Connectors, Philips Electronics, Rolls Royce and Sky.  LUMS are also always hosting sessions where Lancaster students from any faculty are able to go and discuss their future career plans.

Jenni Nowell, a third year Lancaster University student, is currently doing a placement at the Management School. She said, “The Management School is a great place to work and study.”  Concerning her placement she said, “I found them very helpful when finding my placement and a lot of support was given.  Working with IEED, I find the department forthcoming in helping me advance my dissertation outline from an academic view.”

Lancaster differs from many business schools as it offers a wide range of specialist Masters Programmes, including graduate MBA recruitment, placements and internships.

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