Labrinth makes an earthquake in Lancaster music scene

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On March 11th 2012, chart-topping sensation Labrinth hit the stage at Lancaster’s very own Sugarhouse.

Special Guests M.O.U, Electrotrip and Fourth Kind also performed at the event.

This is the biggest live act to perform at Lancaster for a while, and it came at a time where expanding the live music scene in Lancaster seemed to be of great significance for candidates running for Vice President (Events and Democracy).

As reported in SCAN’s recent Election Coverage, one candidate told SCAN that they were unsure of how students would respond to the event, but pointed out that if students respond well, they could see similar events running in the future, and at campus festivals too.

This student response does seem a positive one, as Lonsdale President Tom Woodburn told SCAN that “LUSU have done a great job getting the likes of Labrinth up to Lancaster,” and is  “sure the event will be held a great success on the night.”

“I think it’s a real shame that Lancaster no longer has a really thriving live music scene, and especially as the University is such a big part of the city’s culture. I’d personally like to see more live acts performing on campus, in college bars particularly in Fresher’s weeks,” he added.

Vice President (Events and Democracy) Olly Trumble also told SCAN that “the hope is that we will be able to continue to entice big name acts to the Sugarhouse as a North West venue increasing the quality and variety of live music offering for students.”

Candidates do, however, realise that expanding the live music scene is not all about bigger, signed acts, as one pointed out the importance of events such as ‘Battle of the Bands’ in providing opportunities for student bands, as well as being great nights of live music.

Trumble also thinks that “the building of a vibrant live music scene is equally dependent upon the development of the live music scene on campus.”

“This term has seen the largest Battle of Bands ever seen on campus with over 26 student bands competing! The student live music scene is very much alive!” he exclaimed.

Similarly, Woodburn pointed out that “Lancaster do currently host Get it Loud in Libraries. Hopefully student events such as this [the Labrinth performance] will run alongside Get it Loud, improving the music scene at Lancaster.”

Clearly, the music scene is at the forefront of student expectations, and as Trumble suggested, it will be essential that the next Vice President (Events & Democracy) “continues to build on the relationships and networks we have developed to ensure the long term sustainability of big name acts at the Sugarhouse.”

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