LUDanS show captures audience


Across the weekend of Week 17, over 500 people sat captivated by LUDanS’s fourth annual dance show.

The show, titled ‘Evolve’, returned to campus with a bang, incorporating a multitude of dance genres, all of which demonstrated the diverse skills of the dancers.

Photograph by Jordan Finneran

For the second consecutive year, LUDanS collaborated with the Hip Hop and Break-dancing society, performing several numbers showing great flair and a variety of talents further adding to the variation of the show.

From swing dance, to ballet, as well as a number from the hit musical ‘Cats’, there was something for everybody in the audience, appealing to all age groups and tastes.

These sentiments were echoed by Yasmin Juanbocus, who thought that it was a “really brilliant show with a real variety of performances and impressive display of ability and dedication.”

All of the dances were self-choreographed by members of the executive, as well as other members of the society, demonstrating additional impressive skills and a commitment to the performance.

James Morgan of Pendle college commented that: “It was an extremely exciting show,” adding that “it was really clear that the society had put a tremendous amount of effort into the dances and costumes” and believes that it “is a performance that they should be really proud of.”

LUDanS President Emma Stafford also spoke about the performance. “We had more people in it that we’ve ever had before,” she said, “the dancers excelled themselves and had an amazing time.”

Throughout the show, the dancers also held a collection for the Rwandan Development Trust through donations and programme sales. The Trust was established in the light of the Rwandan genocide of 1992, providing relief to those living in hardship. It aims to offer educational, health and other social services.

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