Men’s Pool battle hard for victory


Photo by Prathyusha Tippala

The Men’s Darts team having gone down fighting against a determined York team left the bragging rights for Men’s Bar Sports resting heavily on the shoulders of Danny Worthington and his team. Consisting of some of the finest pool players from across campus, the men were looking to avenge the 5-3 defeat of 2011 by claiming the title in front of a packed Cartmel Bar.

Bowlander James Stone was the first to step up to the table against York’s George Hogg. Showing class and finesse, and with concentration etched on his face, Stone dispatched his opponent in his first frame.

But Hogg was not done yet, clawing his way back into the game by showing his own class in the second frame to level at 1-1.

The third frame was a thriller, with both players testing each other’s mettle in a contest that went right down to the wire. But strong Lancaster saw Stone riding the crest of a wave, and finished his opponent in a neat shot on the black, meaning Lancaster took the lead 1-0.

With the Women’s team clearing up just across the room, Worthington and his men were not about to let their female counterparts show them up, and Ciaran Roach was the next to clear away his York opponent. Despite losing the first frame, Roach fought his way back into contention and showed tremendous quality with his tactical play in the third frame, resulting in Lancaster going two games clear 2-0.

Lonsdale Vice Captain Reece Dizenzo was up next, but struggled against a quality display from his York rival. Dizenzo, who has been a regular winner in the college league all year, was unfortunate not to capitazlie in his first frame, and was not given a chance in his second as York cleared up. With the score at 2-1, Sunil Jassi was the next up for Lancaster. He also found himself facing a tremendous fight back from York, and after four games the scores were tied at two a-piece.

With tensions rising, and bragging rights hanging on the line, Lancaster turned to Matt Caunce and Danny Worthington to change the fortunes of the hour. Caunce battled hard to win his match two frames to one, and Captain Worthington was nothing bus fantastic as he cleared his opponent up in two frames.

With the score now at 4-2, Jamie Lee had the chance to take the points for Lancaster. But his York opposition put one of the best performances of the evening, and Lee must take huge credit for battling his England international opponent to a deciding frame. With the points of the event riding on the next game, Lancaster turned to their secret weapon. It always helps to have an England international on your team as well.

Mike Logan is only in his freshman year, but his performance could easily be mistaken for one of many years his senior. With a quality showing that blew both York minds and Lancaster supporters hearts, he seven balled his opponent in just as many minutes and cleared up his second frame with almost as much ease, taking the points for Lancaster. It was a fantastic atmosphere, and a thoroughly deserved win.

The final game meant little in terms of the result, but much in terms of bragging rights. Nick O’Malley, Lonsdale legend and barsports guru, was the last up for Lancaster. Surprisingly, O’Malley was not victorious in one of the shocks of the evening, but all credit must go to Nick who has been a servant to sports across campus.

Overall, Lancaster cleared up across most of the bar sports, the Men’s Darts being the only field York can claim any victory in. Evidence to show that spending time in the bar can be vital to a sporting victory.

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