Lancaster Bombers suffer first Roses loss

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Jack Watson scoring Lancaster's first touch down. Photo by Jay Theis.

There was everything to play for in the American Football as the Lancaster Bombers sought to extend their unbeaten record at the Roses tournament.

With large crowds pitch-side, the excitement for the match was clear from the beginning. However, the match kicked off 45 minutes late as the ambulance – essential in a game of American Football – was delayed.

Previously in the season, the Bombers lost to the Centurions by two points in BUAFL (British University American Football League) and were consequently looking to rectify this.

After winning the coin toss, York chose to receive the kick off forcing the Lancaster defence to take the field first.

The Bomber’s started off strongly overturning possession and after a good offensive spell found themselves in prime attacking position driving down the field. York Centurions managed to shut the Bombers out and forced Lancaster’s Jonas Dehnen to kick a field goal, however, this was unsuccessful.

Following this, York offence took to the field from the position of the missed field goal and slipped through the Bomber’s defence with a breakaway run and a touch down. Centurions capitalised upon the points available to them by kicking the extra point. The score at the end of the first quarter was 7-0 to the opposition.

Lancaster Bomber’s took to the field once again, the time with a new found determination to equalise the scoreboard. Their offence drove down the field and wide receiver Jack Watson caught a pass and ran the ball in for a touchdown from about 15 yards out. This was followed by Jonas Dehnem’s field goal, equalising the score to 7-7.

With the match now even, York were seeking to go back in front. This looked like a high possibility when the Centurions they returned the kick deep up the field to give their offence a great position. However, the Lancaster Bomber’s were ready for this shutting out their offence and forcing them to try for a field goal. This was subsequently blocked by Stéphane Desbois who managed to recover the ball on the ground.

Towards the end of the second quarter, the Bombers performed some incredible plays. Jack Watson made significant yardage, as he ran the ball from one end of the pitch to the one yard line. This opened up the play for the Fullback, Chris Weeks, who scored a touchdown from here. The touchdown gave Lancaster the edge and with a successful conversion the score before half time was 14-7 in favour of the Bombers.

Throughout the second half, although Lancaster Bombers made some great passes and excellent blocks, York Centurions matched these efforts. The strength of both teams made the game increasingly close as it neared its end. Although the third quarter saw no goals, it was clear that York Centurions were refusing to back down.

During the fourth quarter, York proved their determination, as they scored a touchdown. The pressure for Lancaster Bombes mounted when this touchdown was followed by a two point conversion, as York’s Quarterback snuck around the outside and ran it in, making the score 14-15 to the white rose.

Attempting to keep their unbeaten record, Lancaster Bombers went all out to try to get the score back. However, as Lancaster progressed down the field to get into field goal range, however due to two back-to-back penalties meant that the Bomber’s were unable to get in range. After a failed fourth down attempt, which was subsequently intercepted by York’s defence their offence were able to come onto the pitch and run down the clock by taking a knee. The final score was 14-15 to York Centurions.

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