Netball Second’s slaughter the White Rose

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Photo by David Mann

Lancaster 51-21 York

To say that Lancaster dominated absolutely from beginning to end was no exaggeration with the netball 2nd’s.  York stood no chance against the lethal attack and sharp defence of the Red Rose.

At the beginning of the match, Lancaster set off to a great start; many lobs were used effectively and well.  Although not as tall as the Lancaster 3rd team, the seconds were so fast paced it was hard to keep up with their rapid and brilliant play.

In the first two minutes Lancaster had already scored two goals and York one. Goal Attack Holly Archer and Goal Shooter Richardson proved a lethal duo, as it seemed that not much could stop them from scoring whenever they were given the opportune moment.  York Goalkeeper Green tried in vain to stop the powerful combination; the accuracy of the shooters was exceptional.

There were a couple of unlucky misses from Richardson which  bounced off the rim of the net, but by the end of the first quarter Lancaster was leading 13-7.

The second half started with a swift amount of goals from Lancaster, making the crowd erupt with applause and cheer for the Red Rose. It wasn’t until after those three goals that York’s goal shooter Perry finally got the chance to score.  For a short moment, York had the majority of possession as Lancaster goal keeper Lyons could not counter the swift York offence.

A break through came when Goal Defence Fecitt made an excellent interception. Lancaster was proving to be an energetic and unstoppable team as the score was 29-14 to Lancaster by half time.

With rapid pace in the third quarter, Richardson brought the score up for Lancaster. York also countered the attack by claiming a few goals, but nothing could stop the Lancaster Centre Wood from feeding the ball to the attack. Wing Attack Wills and Wing Defence Mullins also proved to be great assets to the team with their exceptional passing.  The vision and flow within this netball team was exhilarating to watch.

The third quarter ended with the score at 41-17 to Lancaster, it now seemed impossible for York to catch up with the talented home side.  Their attack was not on par with the accuracy of Lancaster’s shooters and the Lancaster defence was proving too formidable.

Throughout the fourth and final quarter, the goals kept coming for Lancaster.  Lancaster’s Glasgow replaced Wood as centre and made a great interception. The crowd was buzzing as Lancaster gave an incredible display of netball.  The York side were left torn to shreds as the final score came to 51-21, an incredible 30 point difference.

Captain Holly Archer spoke with pride of her winning side to SCAN; “An awesome game! It’s been a pleasure to captain such an amazing team; we’re all very close on and off the netball court.”

A brilliant display of sport; it was a fantastic match to watch and the team comfortably contributed a well earned two points to Lancaster’s Roses effort.

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