SCAN Freshers’ Competition – Details


Do you want to write for SCAN, Lancaster University’s longest running student newspaper? If so, you may be in luck. SCAN is looking for interesting, clever and dedicated writers to contribute, and we’re offering YOU, our upcoming new arrivals, the chance to have your work published in the first issue of the term, to be distributed during freshers’ week.

There are not one but two spaces in the next issue where your work could take pride of place before you’ve even found us at Freshers’ Fair; you can choose to write for the Comment section, or for Features.

Interested? Good! Then read the specifications below and get writing!

1) Comment: This section publishes student views on current affairs, on a local and national level, and is SCAN’s soapbox for debate, invective and opinion. We’re looking for a 500 word article on the recent hoo-hah surrounding GCSE and A-Level results, the higher boundaries set by education authorities, and its implications for young people hoping to go into higher education. While comment allows for more partial expression, and indeed individual writing flair, we must stress the importance of factual accuracy and integrity.

2) Features: SCAN’s Features section attempts to go beyond the familiar and get to the story behind the story, and publishes in-depth, imaginative articles that throw new light on a huge variety of topics. In this case, we’d love a 500 word article about your ‘journey’ since you first hit ‘send’ on your UCAS application, and what you’re expecting from the transition to higher education – roll with it, we want to see what you come up with.

The competition starts today, and the deadline for submissions is Monday the 10th of September. Please email your submission/s to, tell us a bit about yourself and feel free to ask any questions through the same address.

Alternatively, look out for us at fresher’s fair, sign up and get stuck in. Have fun, all!

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