All Square in Men’s 2nd Indoor Hockey

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The first of the Men’s hockey games got off to a flying start with three goals in the first six minutes. Lancaster took the first strike from a well played short corner and within five minutes of the game they scored another giving them a well deserved 2:0 lead. York were quick to react and immediately pulled the score back to 2:1 in what was turning out to be a very exciting and fast paced game. The ten minute mark saw Lancaster extend their lead once again to 3:1 after they had held onto possession strongly. That was the last goal for Lancaster in this half though as York finally came back with a vengeance to finish the half on a score of 4:3 to York. Some well taken chances are what York benefited from at this stage despite the possession largely lying with Lancaster.

The second half was going to be tense with only one goal separating the teams and it took a fair while before anything hit the back of the net, but it was York who took a fantastic strike from way out to score the best goal of the game. With the score at 5:3 to York now Lancaster really needed to start pushing forward, which is exactly what they did. They came back very confidently to eventually bring the score level. Both teams continued to create great chances to take the lead but none hit the target, leaving the final score at Lancaster 5:5 York.

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