Reasons to love Mondays


I LOVE MONDAYS. Yes, you read it right. Mondays are the new Fridays, well almost! How can I love Mondays you ask? The weekend is over, the next dreary five days will drag until the weekend comes round again… but I’ve got some new reasons for you to really start loving your Monday mornings.

  • New Week, Fresh Start: So you made a fool of yourself over the weekend? Got too drunk and then didn’t start that essay you were supposed to so you can get ahead with all your work? Nah, me neither, well Mondays symbolise a fresh start and a fresh week so you can really throw yourself into all the things you needed to do. Plan plan plan. You can really make the most of your working week ahead if you plan your days to get the most out of them; it is truly possible to go to all your lectures, do your work AND have a cheeky cocktail at Spoons when life is getting you down, but only if you organise yourself! Want to start something new? Start on a Monday, a new day a new you, this could be from deciding you will get all your work done, to starting that new diet you keep meaning to do, get it started this Monday!
  • Monday Morning Gossip: That’s right, you can’t wait to huddle together with your best friends and tell them all about your weekend stories, or recount the bits of Saturday night you can’t quite remember. Monday morning is your chance, so grab a (much needed) coffee and get chatting! Even if it wasn’t you that was making a fool out of yourself, it’s always entertaining to listen to everyone else’s shenanigans!
  • RELAX! After the busy and hectic weekend, Monday nights can be just as good, grab yourself your favourite tea and catch up on your missed TV over the weekend. Pyjamas/slob-wear are compulsory!
  • As mentioned earlier, planning can be key on a Monday, if you don’t fancy planning your working week, get planning your next weekend! Friday planning starts right here! And 5 days’ notice is plenty enough for your friends to get their bums down to Sugar as soon as possible at the weekend. Or fancy something different than going out, get friends round to yours and have a good old school house party! The possibilities are endless and this will give you something to look forward to instead of the endless slog of hard work.
  • Finally, let’s break the word down. Well ‘Mon’ in French means ‘my’ so technically Monday is ‘Myday’ so do what YOU want and see where life takes you on this brand new day, at the start of a brand new week!

So, next Monday don’t feel blue because the weekend is over, get your gear on and get ready to hit the week HAPPY!




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