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When a new, flashy, 1950s American-style diner emerged in an often dull and rainy Lancaster this term, it was unsurprising that it attracted a few glances, and students, to its doors. After witnessing a fair few delectable pictures on various social media I thought it might be time to take a trip to this new diner in the centre of town, which is known by the name of Rocky Street.

On entrance, and even before, it is clear that Rocky Street dons a suitably garish colour palette of mostly yellow accompanied by quite authentic fifties furniture and décor; a jukebox near the entrance to the diner also complements the atmosphere with a variety of rock ‘n’ roll sounds.

In terms of the staff, I can grant them only praise, from the moment we stepped through the bright red doors we were greeted with smiles and polite instruction about placing our orders. Granted, our small group were the only customers in the establishment, but needless to say this great customer service was extended throughout our short but sweet stay. We were given “lucky number seven” with a flash of a smile as our order number and were made to feel incredibly comfortable at our table, with a speedy check-back and our desperate need to be warm, accommodated by closing the front door especially for us.

The food was expectedly overpriced but the menu hosted an array of sweet treats such as waffles, pancakes, frozen yogurt and, of course, milkshakes. Those looking for a savoury snack may however want to cross the walkway to Gregg’s as Rocky Street only offered a cheese on toast variant, and equally those with nut allergies should stay clear as the menu notes that all products on the menu could contain nuts. This aside, I ordered a “Mint Crunch” waffle and a vanilla milkshake, and when it arrived I was not disappointed. My warm waffle was drizzled in sauce and accompanied with a tasty blob of vanilla ice cream, and the staff even brought a selection of other sweet sauces to the table (but whether you would need much more is debatable in my eyes). The only preference I would have would be for a little less topping and a little more waffle, but I cannot say I expected any different to what was presented to me.

Despite not catering for the student on a budget, which I guess is the typical student, I would definitely visit Rocky Street diner again. I’d therefore recommend saving a trip for a post-exam, or post-coursework treat rather than becoming a weekly regular, else your student loan could be flailing. But most of all if you plan to visit, I advise being prepared for a sickeningly sweet fifties themed sugar rush and a possible ice-cream headache.

Mint Crunch Waffle

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