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What is your worst regret since starting University? 


Emma: Not being organised enough, I get too distracted by the other aspects of University life

Callum: Buying Greggs every day because it’s like a black hole for my student loan!


Kate: Not making the most out of second year before being swamped with work!


Rachel: Not spending more time on my dissertation. I spent four days on it and still got a 2:1!

Name three things currently in your food cupboard at University.


Charlotte: Beans, hummus and tuna.


Chris: Victoria sponge cake, custard and doughnuts.

Sam: Noodles, spaghetti hoops and Special K.

What is the best thing you have purchased since starting University?


Antonio: My Apple Mac because it is very useful for both studying and entertainment.


 Marta: My books from Blackwell’s for studying… I study Law.


IMG_0642 (1)

Figo: Some really nice shorts from Sports Direct, because I like shorts, and I’m not even joking, they’re so comfy!

IMG_0650 (1)

Victoire: My iPad because it is much easier than using a laptop when it comes to Uni work

What are your plans for the summer?


Iyare: To travel around Europe and Japan, oh and work. That’s my plan for a while I guess


Gary: Sleep, work and play games!IMG_0661

Lizzie: Fringe festival – I’m actually auditioning right now! Then definitely some relaxing before second year.


Sam: I’ll be studying astrophysics… basically what I do here.

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