Wardrobe essentials for Lancaster students

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A Decent Coat

Ignore that little part of you that still wants to rebel against your parents, the part that thinks coats are boring and a waste of money. A decent coat really is essential in Lancaster if you want to stay dry. That doesn’t have to mean a boring waterproof parka though, this season duster coats are bang on trend and because of their length keep you protected from the wind.



Luckily, the majority of the spine is under cover. But eventually the spine comes to an end and so if you live at either of the furthest points on campus, in County or Cartmel, an umbrella is a must for that last dash to your room!



Just as a coat protects your body from the rain, a good pair of boots protects your feet from the cold, wet campus ground too. In my first few weeks of university I often made the mistake of wearing my Topshop ballet pumps to lectures, only to realise too late that they don’t provide protection against puddles! Despite being on the expensive side, boots are one of the best investments you can make and with a little luck and care might even last you your entire degree.


An ‘everything fits’ bag

Compulsory reading for your course never comes in the form of a small lightweight book, but rather a nine-hundred page anthology that will be required for every seminar and lecture but in fact only used once. Thus, a bag or satchel big enough for this plus your notepad and laptop is an essential to ensure you’re always organised.



Not only do you need to learn to survive the weather in Lancaster but also the bars and clubs, where one in particular is known for both its sickly sweet shots and sticky floors. Within minutes of entering Hustle for the first time, you will quickly understand why wearing delicate sandals was a mistake. Too often I have woken up the morning after a night in Hustle to find my shoes in an unrecognisable state. But that is where good ol’ converses come in, made from canvas they can be thrown in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry and later removed in an almost box fresh condition.



Despite the weather outside, in the first two weeks of term last year the biology lecture theatre (where all my lectures were held) was unbearably hot because of this I found myself walking to lectures in both a coat and scarf only to undress on arrival.  When different rooms seem to have different climates then, layering vests, jumpers, scarves and coats can be a real life-saver.


A Lancaster Hoodie

You will quickly realise at Lancaster that almost every other week there is some sort of university or college sporting event. Whether you’re on a team yourself or watching a friend play, a Lancaster university hoodie, t-shirt or even comfy joggers is the perfect way to cheer them on whilst simultaneously keeping you warm!



Whether you prefer cosy jogger bottoms or a onesie, a warm pair of pyjamas is a must for mornings after a big night out when sat in the kitchen with housemates, nursing a hangover and bacon sandwich.


Fancy Dress

Whether it’s a toga or a hula skirt and matching lei, a fall back fancy dress outfit is a must. With Sugarhouse offering free entry for students in fancy dress throughout the term, you will have several occasions to whip the fancy dress out again even after fresher’s week. In the hope that each of your new flatmates also brings along at least one fancy dress outfit, before you know it you’ll have a whole selection of fancy dress to swap and share!

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