Dressing For: Bonfire Night

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Remember, remember, the fashion of November! On that day in 1605, when Guy Fawkes was arrested and the Gunpowder Plot was foiled, London celebrated by lighting bonfires throughout the streets. Since that first Bonfire Night, it has become an annual event as all over Great Britain, and in some Commonwealth countries too, people gather around a bonfire and watch fireworks.

So how will you be celebrating this Bonfire Night? All of Lancaster will be gathering in town to watch “Light Up The Skies” the Firework Spectacular, but the most important question is what will you be wearing?

Even though you’ll be wrapping up warm for the evening’s festivities, you can still make a bang on Bonfire Night! The most essential item: boots. You’ll be standing around for an hour or two, and the fastest way to ruin your night is by losing feeling in your toes before the first firework has even made it into the sky. Winter has well and truly made itself known, so make sure you have your winter coat on this Bonfire Night. Whether you’ll be wearing a blanket coat or a chunky faux-fur, luxe puffa or anything shearling, your coat should be a statement piece. The final touch is accessories. The high street has been flooded with faux fur stoles and collars, and you can wear the trend from head to fingertip with fluffy ear-muffs and even furry gloves! Guaranteed to keep you warm, you’ll look effortlessly chic and stylish too. Just because it’s Bonfire Night, it doesn’t mean your style has to go up in flames!

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