Women’s 7s twice edged out


It was a disappointing result for Lancaster, but York appeared to have the upper hand from the beginning. By the end of the first half, Lancaster were yet to score a try.  At half time, Beth Laverick said that “there were some good runs from Beth Fletcher, but we just missed out at tackling York on the try line.”

Lancaster pushed forward straight after half time, leading to an amazing run from Fletcher ending in a try, but sadly there was no conversion. Towards the end of the match, Lancaster took a hit with two players injured, leaving them at a disadvantage in the crucial final moments of the game. Throughout the match, York consistently put pressure on Lancaster’s try line, but there was a good effort from Lancaster’s defence who stopped more tries from going through. However, York remained consistent throughout and errors on Lancaster’s part left a clear win for York. The final score was 22-5 to York.

Following the match, Lancaster’s Kaithi Kinahan said that they had been “as prepared as York, but they managed to take advantage of the mistakes we made. We will make sure we focus on the mistakes made for tomorrow and have every faith we can bring it back.” Shortly before, the 2nds suffered a loss, narrowly falling behind 15-12.

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