Success for both sides in snowsports


York dominated both boarding categories with clean riding from all of their racers. Lancaster were not so lucky, with multiple falls during the Team Board Dual category gave York an easy 2-1 victory. Each race witnessed close competition but York’s composed and more conservative approach produced results as Lancaster were plagued by falls. York’s pre-race training clearly paid off throughout the afternoon for the Boarding team.

There were similar scenes during the Individual. York had the quickest time out of the 12 competitors, with some of Lancaster’s key riders failing to reach down the slope on their boards, let alone in a competitive time. The fastest time for Lancaster’s Jack Culpan only reached 4th fastest. York can celebrate another boarding whitewash at Roses this year, and Lancaster go home scratching their heads.

However, in the skiing it was who Lancaster proved that despite minimal training and warm ups, they can produce results when it really matters. During the Team Ski Duals, an excellent performance by the Lancaster racing team gave them a dominant 1-0 lead. In short succession, they did it again with George Hall producing an outstanding stint. Lancaster racing team yet again show that they are a force to be reckoned with a 2-0 win.

During the Individual race, Andrew Theodorou for Lancaster proved why he was Ski Captain by setting a scorching run that no one could beat. York did not go quietly after this early run however and gave their best efforts to find the fastest line down the infamous Rossendale Ski Slope. Their efforts were for naught unfortunately and Lancaster were confirmed as the winners for the Individual.

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