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Lancaster 68 – 51 York

After having a strong track record in recent years, and the men’s basketball under their belt, there was pressure for the Lancaster Women’s basketball team to live up to high expectations.

The game began with a rough start and a series of immediate penalties, most of which were on Lancaster’s side. With four penalties scored, Lancaster were off to an early lead, taking advantage of York’s mistake. This was to be a trend throughout the match. Shortly after, Lancaster scored a fantastic three pointer from a great distance, to gain a 7-1 lead, still within only the first few minutes of the match.

The rest of the game was characterised by Lancaster’s sheer determination for the game. They played together creatively, and ferociously, with many excellent unexpected passes which led to goals. And it was at York’s expense, who failed to be as cohesive as Lancaster, and missed out on opportunities to score, through a lack of team collaboration. Although York managed to narrow Lancaster’s lead slightly after half time, it was far too late and Lancaster’s Women’s basketball team finished with a very respectable 68-51 win, earning them points for the red rose!

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