Music To My Ears: Bethany Crow

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A song that reminds you of your childhood: Karma Chameleon – Culture Club

My early years were exclusively soundtracked by my parents’ collection of 80’s mega-mix albums, and at 6 years old this one was by far my favourite track. It still makes me feel ridiculously nostalgic 20 years later.

A song that makes you want to dance: Don’t You Want Me – The Human League

Anyone who knows me knows that this is the song to reliably get me dancing. It’s just SO good; I’ve heard this song and danced to it more times than I care to remember but it never gets old.

A song you listen to when you’re sad: Gold – Spandau Ballet

I’m not really one to listen to music when I’m sad, but whenever I’m in need of a little motivational boost, this is the tune that does it without fail.

The best gig you’ve ever been to: Kanye West – Glastonbury 2015

I worked at Glastonbury in 2015 and found the experience so much better than going as a punter, mainly due to the fact that it took pressure off seeing very specific acts. I can quite comfortably say that had I bought my ticket I most likely wouldn’t have seen Kanye. It pains me to say it’s the best gig I’ve been to because he is such an obnoxious individual, though I’m sure the general Glasto vibes were a huge part of it too!

Favourite ever album: Different Class – Pulp

I remember the first time I listened to this album in all it’s creepy glory so distinctly. Every track on this album is fantastic individually but put them together and the result is something else. Pulp were one of the first bands I got in to and they continue to be one of my very favourites to this day.

Guilty pleasure: Literally anything by Taylor Swift

I am an unabashed Taylor Swift megafan and I have no shame about this. I feel like my general music taste features quite a lot of what most people would consider a guilty pleasure though – must have been all those 80’s compilations as a kid!

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