What’s in my wardrobe: Harvey Falshaw


What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe and why?

It’s difficult to pick just one. It would feel wrong to pick one of my patterned shirts over another and picking my camel coat would be a disservice to all my other coats. I recently bought a pair of tapered jeans from TopMan and I absolutely love them. I’ll go with them, I’m still at the honeymoon period with them. I’m known for wearing tight jeans, but I think the reason I like this pair so much is because they’re a little looser but not baggy and disgusting. I like their faded colour too, they’re kind of a faded blue and like most jeans will go with pretty much everything.

What’s the oldest item in your wardrobe?

Of all the things I wear regularly, I’d have to say the oldest thing would be my Vans. I usually wear them when I can’t be bothered to put anything more complicated on my feat, my DMs can be such a hassle and… Well I guess I’m somewhat lacking in other shoes to put on at the moment. I got them as a Christmas present ages ago, I normally wear leather shoes, but one of my favourite pairs of shoes needs to be repaired and so my Vans have been getting a bit of a run about of late. I should really just get my other shoes repaired.

What’s the most worn item in your wardrobe?

I’d be lost without is my blue-shirt overshirt, its easily my most worn item. I wear it almost every day in winter, although it can be worn in all seasons, I guess that’s why its my most worn. Usefully, it goes with everything but doesn’t look awful. I often really struggle to find practical warm clothing so this was a Godsend. My father always calls it ‘my house coat’ which amuses me. It was reasonably priced as well, it’s vintage, but I’ve had it for a while now and I hope it lasts!

What’s the biggest fashion mistake in your wardrobe?

I’m really choosy with my clothes, so I really try to pick decent garms. However, one of the oldest items is probably my biggest mistake. It’s a rain coat I named ‘Carl’, he was christened so after having Carlsberg poured over him at a football match. He’s been everywhere with me, all across Europe etc, but I’m really not his biggest fan. It’s really ugly and, because I wear really baggy clothing, is far too short. I only wear him when I absolutely have to. Even when it is tipping down outside, I’ll always try to opt for a fabric coat to avoid wearing him. Maybe I just hate how practical he is.

What will you be buying next?

Another patterned shirt probably. What? What did you expect? I’ve recently bought some jeans so I shan’t have to shell out for them anytime soon, I have ample underwear and socks… I could buy some new shoes but I’d rather get my old ones fixed. Nope it’ll probably be another massive vintage shirt that could double up as a bedsheet. Or maybe I should get something to replace Carl with…

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