Archery – Match Report Roses 2019


Archery was one of the last events to take place during roses, being held on Sunday morning as the competition began to wind down and York’s overall win was becoming more and more solid. The competition broke down into men’s and women’s in two categories, novice and experienced. York outnumbered Lancaster by roughly 15 competitors, as Lancaster had no female archers, therefore the event was a tougher one for Lancaster. With this in mind both teams were friendly with one another and the competition element of the archery was a secondary element to the event. Lancaster did however win the men’s experienced and novice archery, giving York a good fight for the overall win. Lancaster collected a combined total of 1137 points from their various shots. Members of the team said of the event ‘both team events were incredibly close, but York won’. The team stood out in the sports viewed at Roses for their enthusiasm for their event and warm nature to their competition and the audience.

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