Pool (2nds & 1sts) – Match Report Roses 2019


The 2nds game started with both Lancaster and York having large teams. The bar was a hive of energy and grew a large audience, with every seat taken. There had been a long process of levelling the pool tables by Lancaster’s players, York players have watched them correct the tables from the sidelines. The games are kicked off with a lot of loud friendly banter between Lancaster and York, the first frames were both won by Lancaster, setting the tone for the rest of the Pool open 2nds at this year’s Roses. Lancaster took the victory for the first pool event of the day, with every player keeping composure amidst the rowdy audience. The team’s captain, Conor Higgins commented saying, ‘it was a really good team performance and we outclassed York in every department! Really proud of the boys’, though Conor himself also gave a great performance winning his frame expertly. The Pool 2nds added 2 points towards Lancaster’s bid to win Roses.

The women’s 1sts were later that day, and followed suit after the open 2nds games. Lancaster’s players played with a lot of discipline surrounded by a loud and enthusiastic crowd. The game was tighter with York giving Lancaster a tougher fight, with some intense points in the game. A particularly suspenseful moment was when Sophie Lau, a member of the Lancaster team won the deciding frame that settled the competition with a score of 4-5 in Lancaster’s favour. Other shoutouts go to Vicky Ince and the team’s captain, who both stood out throughout the frames played. The women’s 1st captain said this to scan ‘She says ‘I’m ecstatic that the team managed to win against a tough York side. We were 4-2 down and to win 5-4 is an immense feat. So proud of my team’. This led to the men’s 1st which continued the atmosphere of the event, but differed from the previous two competitions as York dominated, beating Lancaster 5 frames to 1, though many were close. The women’s 1st and men’s 1st in pool contributed 4 points to Lancaster and York’s overall scores respectively.  

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