Dance Match Report Roses 2019


The dance competition was a performance to remember with ten dances across five categories making a jam-packed afternoon of choreography.

The competition kicked off with a ballet performance from Lancaster. They precisely executed a quiet piece to ‘Forest Gump’ that despite some early nerves. York followed with a starkly-contrasting sharp and sassy number to ‘Mission Impossible’, but this wasn’t enough to secure their victory. Lancaster won 246-235.

Tap followed, with Lancaster’s ‘The Agreement’ getting the crowd cheering. This fun and upbeat piece utilised inventive formations and demonstrated a strong sense of rhythm. York’s team came back with a 1930’s style tap piece, using their facial expressions to energies the dance as secure their first win at 253-283.

In the jazz category, Lancaster’s ‘Brand New’ was a fun and energetic piece all in yellow. It was full of lifts and jazz hands, a smiling dance piece that was a pleasure to watch. York’s more dramatic dance showcased their flexibility, but this wasn’t enough to win them the category. Lancaster won 245-231.

By this point in the competition, everyone was starting to show some signs of fatigue, so some smiles and energy carried the lyrical category. Lancaster danced to ‘A Thousand Years’, a highly emotive piece that was beautiful to watch. York’s ‘Heaven’ made an exciting change in their use of floor work, a contrast that caught the judges attention as they won by one point, 259- 260.

In the contemporary category, Lancaster performed another heart-wrenching piece and was the first piece in the competition to use costume inventively. However, York’s fabulous technique secured them another victory, at 227-238.

Street closed the competition, and Lancaster came straight back with a feisty routine full of sass and character. York’s ‘2000’ piece, however, came back with some sass if it is own. Fast, furious and fierce as hell, it secured York another win at 233-248.

Overall Score: 2:3 to York.

Ruth-Anne Walbank

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