Breaking News: Sugarhouse to Pause Operations


The Sugarhouse has announced that they are pausing their operation given the rising threat from Covid-19.

Lancaster’s famous night-club had re-opened only recently on the 28th of September. Launching with a trial reopening of the venue in Welcome Week, it reconfigured itself to table service and significantly reduced its maximum capacity in order to be in line with government advice.

However, given multiple factors, The Sugarhouse has seen a dramatic drop in ticket sales and a comment from VP Union Development, Atree Ghosh, stated that the night club had “lost over £4,500 in the first week of opening.”

This announcement comes on the same day as the government’s announcement that pubs and restaurants may face closure from Monday, due to the growing threat from Covid-19, especially in North England.

The Student’s Union has confirmed that they will work to resume operations at the Sugarhouse at a future date when COVID restrictions are relaxed to the point that the venue can once more become financially viable, but with the new restrictions on the horizon, there is no saying when this will be or if any of us will see the inside of The Sugarhouse anytime soon.

Those who have booked any of The Sugarhouse’s events or quizzes in the next few weeks are to be reassured that they will receive compensation in full for any tickets that they have bought.

In a comment from the Student’s Union President, Oliver Robinson, he said;

“The Board decided the Sugarhouse should open to provide that experience and opportunity for students coming back to Lancaster, in the hopes of providing some social opportunities, even if it wasn’t quite the same. 

The take-home message for us is the Sugarhouse is not for sale, the Sugarhouse will stay where it is and the Sugarhouse will remain with us throughout the year for us to pass on to the next team.”

This is a developing story.

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