5 LGBTQ+ 2021 Anticipated Book Releases


I am constantly adding books to my wishlist, so I enjoy recommending books to other people in the hope that their to-be-read piles increase at a similar rate. It was hard to narrow it down, but these are 5 books with LGBTQ+ representation I’m really looking forward to.

1 – Me, My Dad and the End of the Rainbow by Benjamin Dean

Me, My Dad and the End of the Rainbow was recently released and is currently a number one bestseller. It is a middle-grade, so is a great recommendation for younger family members and friends, but is equally an entertaining and important read for any age. It follows Archie, who is desperate to find out why his parents aren’t getting along anymore and the secret they are hiding. He embarks on an adventure with his friends as he tries to solve the mystery of the rainbow-coloured flyer his dad dropped, which might just answer his questions. It is an entertaining and heartwarming book that explores sexuality, gender, and family.

2 – Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers

High-achiever and recent PhD graduate Grace has always done what is expected of her, until she drunkenly marries a woman she doesn’t know in a Las Vegas celebration. To escape her disappointed father and lack of job opportunities, Graces moves across the country to live with her new wife, Yuki. Away from the struggle of job hunting in a field she no longer loves, Grace slowly falls for Yuki’s charm and creativity. But, Grace can only deny reality for so long, and when the illusion breaks, she must face everything she is hiding from.

3 – Perfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzales

Darcy Phillips gives excellent relationship advice…anonymously, in a legally ambiguous fee-paying letter exchange service she is desperate no-one finds out about. Alexander is the new, irritatingly attractive jock hoping to win back his ex-girlfriend. So, when Alexander catches Darcy and threatens to expose her secret unless she helps him, Darcy is forced to share her dating advice. She isn’t happy about being blackmailed or giving Alexander free advice, but she is even less willing to lose the friendship of her best friend, Brooke, if her secret gets out. It will all be fine, as long as everything goes to plan…

4 – May the Best Man Win by Zr Ellor

After coming out as a transgender boy, Jeremy decides to challenge any bigots in the school — and his ex-boyfriend, Lukas — by running for Homecoming King. Lukas is struggling through Senior year after the death of his older brother and his breakup with his girlfriend, who turned out to be a boy. As Head of the Homecoming Committee, Lukas quickly finds out about Jeremy’s Homecoming King ambitions and sets out to ruin them. Their rivalry for the crown gets a little out of hand and, when it threatens to put a stop to the dance, Jeremy and Lukas must confront their past, and the sparks flying between them.

5 – One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

One Last Stop, from the author of the bestseller Red, White and Royal Blue, is a hilarious time-travelling romantic comedy. August is determined to prove that life isn’t a rom-com, but has to put her cynicism aside when she spots Jane on her train. August loves seeing Jane every day, with her classic leather jacket and mysterious charm, until she realises that Jane’s retro style is more than just a fashion choice: Jane is from the 1970s and stuck in Augusts’ present. Together, they must find a way to reunite Jane with her own time, and they might fall in love in the process.

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