BFM’s Harvey hits the right note


Photo by Jay Theis

After three rounds of tense voting figures, Rachel Harvey, current Bailrigg FM Station Manager, was elected into the role of Vice President (Media and Communications).

In a heartfelt acceptance speech she told the crowd and her fellow candidates “Tom, Jonnie, Rizwaan, you were unbelievably hard to beat,” then went on to thank her friends, her campaign team and everyone who voted.

The contest was extremely close, with Tom Forrest winning the first round with 738 votes against Jonnie Critchley’s 545 votes, Rachel Harvey’s 693 votes, Rizwaan Mohammed’s 387 votes and RON’s 57 votes. Mohammed and RON were eliminated.

The second round was equally as close with Critchley gaining 592 votes, Forrest getting 781 votes, and Harvey achieving 758 votes. Critchley was eliminated after this round of voting.

In the final round of voting, Harvey emerged as the winner, after beating her close competition Forrest, with 962 votes to his 936 votes.

Speaking to SCAN after her victory, Harvey said she was going to “sleep forever” and was looking forward to the coming year and to “getting the media in Lancaster where it needs to be,” as well as focusing on the improvement of college magazines.

Current Vice President (Media and Communications) Matthew Power gave his thoughts on Harvey’s win, stating: “I think Rachel’s going to do a fantastic job.” He also emphasised how important her experience on Bailrigg FM will be to her next year adding, “Bailrigg’s seen some tough times over the past few years, so I think it’s great we now have someone with a real extensive knowledge of Bailrigg, so we can really bring the station up to the level it should be.”

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