We will brave the storm, Furness College

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As well as being LUSU Vice President (Media and Communications), I am also an FTO mentor for Furness College, and I am therefore burdened with the unfortunate responsibility to be the bearer of bad news.

I have just been informed that the much anticipated refurbishment of Furness Bar will not be completed in time for Freshers’ Week 2012.

Lancaster University has, in recent years, become notorious for the snail’s pace at which construction work on its facilities is undertaken. The stalling, missed deadlines and general confusion surrounding the redevelopment of the underpass is the only example I need to point to to make this clear.

Unfortunately, the refurbishment of Furness Bar has been struck by the same curse.

This will no doubt come as a great shock amongst Furness College JCR, who have worked incredibly hard over the past three months to organise what I am sure would have been an incredible week for its newcomers. The circumstances under which they must now reorganise their week are circumstances that I would not wish upon anybody.

The opportunity to oversee the development of our wonderful collegiate system and help them to offer the best experience possible to its students is one that fills me with great pride, and I would therefore like to take this opportunity to urge every student in Furness College not to be shaken up by this news.

I will be working closely with Furness JCR to resolve this issue and assist them in replanning their week, and resolve to ensure that Freshers’ Week is as outstanding an experience for Furness students as it will be for every other college on this campus.

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