Editorial (Michaelmas, Week 2): The Pomsky

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Happy Monday to you all!

Welcome to Week 2. It’s a bit like last week, except now we’re that bit closer to Christmas and essay deadlines. You may have noticed in the last issue, I certainly did, that there were a few of the infamous SCAN typos. I’d like to clarify that my reference to ‘Vice present Rachel Harvey’ was not a typo, I was simply trying to get across what an absolute treat she is. Honestly.

Luckily, this time the internet decided to be kind and not rip all our hard work to shreds on a Facebook group; however, the flaws in the last issue have led to myself and my team being even more thorough with regards to proof-reading and fine tuning the design of
the paper. Mistakes are there to show you where you can improve after all.

You may have also spotted my wonderful team and I working hard during both Freshers’ Fair on Thursday and the showcase on Friday. Unfortunately, due to a cock-up we were stashed around the corner, totally separated from the other medias, but I really hope you managed to find us and chat about what we do. SCAN depends on the creativity and passion of students, we’re also the perfect
place for you to practice your photography, writing and design. As I’ve said a thousand times, it took me until my second year to get involved, and I regret wasting so much time. SCAN is the best thing I’ve done at university, possibly the best thing I’ve done so far with my life. Don’t miss out.

In SCAN this issue, we’re sad to report that during Freshers’ week, a young woman was the victim of a serious sexual assault. As a student body, we should be working together to find the person responsible for the attack by sharing the CCTV images on Facebook,
and by stepping forward with any information you may have. There were 1,400 people in Sugar that night: at least one person must have seen something and if that was you, I can’t stress enough how important it is that you should come forward.
The reaction of the national press left something to be desired. The Daily Mail in particular (Should it even be categorised as a newspaper? Let’s call a spade a spade, it’s garbage). Anyway, it attempted to draw links between our police force running a safety campaign which involved Inspector Morph – a volunteer in blue spandex dressed in police garb – and the incident in Sugar. I’d like to give you my brutally honest thoughts on this so-called news story, but it involves a lot of expletives pronounced in an exaggerated northern accent. Paper alone cannot adequately convey it.

I want to end this editorial on a less serious note, so I thought I’d share with you a life-changing discovery I made in the last week. The Pomsky. That’s right, it’s a cross of a Pomeranian and a Husky – it stays tiny and fluffy all of it’s life. Or at least that’s what Facebook tells me, knowing Facebook, it’s probably one of those internet hoaxes, like that violet eye colour thing that went round a couple of years ago. Usually I’m a cat person, but seriously: just look at it.

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