Why I Love Video Games


There are many reasons I enjoy playing video games and why when I got the offer to write about my hobby I jumped at the opportunity.


When people hear the phrase “video games” many different connotations come to mind. The stereotype of someone who plays video games is a nerdy boy with glasses and acne sitting at his computer or console until 4 am with square eyes from staring at the TV too long. I want to expel that stereo type from your minds.


I bet every single person reading this article has at least played a video game of some sort whether that be on your traditional console/PC or on a newly found platform like your mobile phone. Video games in any form are a perfect way to waste some time and completely escape from the world for that long awaited break we all deserve.


There are many reasons why I would recommend playing video games as a hobby. One of the draws to gaming is the social aspect. There is something extremely satisfying about playing a game online with people from around the world. The connections you can make are endless and yes not all people you will meet on a game are going to be pleasant. There will always be that one person who feels the need to swear every five seconds and throw abuse at the other team as they can’t handle losing. However there are some people that you will meet in games who are students just like us with the same interests as you, and some have absolutely fascinating stories. I have met many people who I could call friends through video games.


It’s easy to find people in your classes and your local area who also play these games through societies and Facebook groups. We often have a set group of people we hang around with and video games can draw you to new people who you may not normally approach. I personally find meeting and talking to new people fascinating and even though it is often with an anonymous tag so that no personal information is revealed it can be a fun way to start friendships. Disclaimer – if you are worried about the safety of this or ever feel uncomfortable with the person you are talking to, it’s almost always simple to block someone and cut all contact with them.


As well as the initial social benefits there are many other advantages to playing games. It has been linked to developing memory, cognitive skills and decision making skills as well as other basic cognitive abilities. Another thing I noticed from playing video games for a while is that it improved my co-ordination and spatial awareness. Before I started playing games I was probably a bit below average in these traits however as I began improving at various video games these things also improved with it. A study at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development confirmed there is a correlation between gaming and improving the spatial navigation and fine motor skills.


Although the benefits of gaming are nice the main reason I enjoy gaming is the games themselves. I believe there is a game out there for everyone, whether that be a sports game, a ‘Sims’ type game, a shooter game or a mindless pass the time game. The world of games is vast and there will be always something interesting out there. The range of games I play is wide and I enjoy trying all of them. The most important thing about a hobby is to enjoy it and I believe many other people would/do enjoy playing video games too. Whether it’s on your console or PC or mobile phone there is something for everyone.

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