College Football (A Winners) Match Report Roses 2019


On the 3rd May, at 12am, one of the first events of the Roses weekend kicked off. Lancaster and York’s college A football winners took each other on in a definite game of two halves. With York beating Lancaster 4-2, it couldn’t have been further from a quiet game.

With an impressive audience from both sides, despite many supporters not yet arriving at York’s campus, the noise was impressive through every minute. With these being the best college teams in their respective universities, as well as the level of support, I was expecting the best.

The game got off to a flying start, and Lancaster held most of the possession in the first 45 minutes, but the effort that they were putting in seemed futile, as when York did get the ball, they used it to their advantage, and within the first ten minutes, York had managed to bag a goal. It was unfortunate for Lancaster, but the game was still anyone’s. Within the next ten minutes, York had managed to bag another, with an impressive finish to the bottom left corner.

Only four minutes later, York tripled their advantage, and it finished 3-0 at half time. Lancaster’s defence knowing that they needed to work harder in the second half in order to prevent York leading by any more. York knew that they needed to utilise this to extend the lead that they had deservedly earnt.

With changes for both teams at half time, everyone was expecting big things. The support from both sides did not ease, and York used this to their advantage and grabbed another goal past Lancaster’s keeper. The game seemed over for Lancaster, but they didn’t give up and manages to score two back, their second goal coming from a penalty.

But then the final whistle blew, and it was elation for the white roses and Lancaster were left feeling down and discouraged. Whilst Lancaster discussed the match, York celebrated and quite rightly so. It was a good performance from both sides, but Lancaster just couldn’t seem to get back into the game.

Lancaster left 22 acres football pitch feeling gutted at all of their hard work not paying off in possibly their most important game of the year, whilst York left with delight, as their ultimate aim had been achieved, earning York 1 point for Roses 2019.

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